Instructions for your Kran Mobil

When your Kran Mobil is delivered, a Zunhammer technician will be on hand to show you and your staff how to operate your mobile crane. This way, you can start using your Kran Mobil right after delivery. A technician will be at your disposal for the entire first day to help answer any questions.

In addition, your Kran Mobil comes with a repair service available at your premises in 12-24 hours, depending on your geographic location. This means that any needed repairs can begin within 24 hours. Reliable maintenance and servicing for all crane components is also included, guaranteed worldwide by the network of Palfinger service stations.

Repair service

Back in order in no time

Your Kran Mobil comes with inclusive repair service – our technicians can be at your premises in 12 to 24 hours, depending on your location.


Service and maintenance

The many Palfinger service centers across the world help to ensure reliable maintenance and servicing for all crane components.

Contact person

Directly on site

A Zunhammer technician is at your disposal to demonstrate to your staff how to handle your mobile crane.



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