Like the PK34 model, the Kran Mobil PK18 helps to simplify workflow in your production facility or exhibition hall. This mobile crane travels independently around the hall – its small size and four-wheel steering enable it to move through narrow passageways and to operate in confined spaces. The Zunhammer Kran Mobil is readily available and fully operational for construction, assembly and maintenance work. Compared to the PK34, the PK18 model works with a higher volume of dead load and requires a larger area for the outriggers, which however are telescopic – as with the mobile crane PK34 – as well as able to pivot.

Flexible and user-friendly, the Kran Mobil PK18 is a quiet, emission-free mobile crane that stands out for its fast, easy and scaffolding-free assembly and disassembly, as well as short set-up time. 

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