Self-propelling mobile crane by Zunhammer

Kran Mobil by Zunhammer means faster workflows, higher lifting capacity, and advanced flexibility and mobility. Designed and built according to unique technology, this mobile crane can travel independently into even the narrowest passageways of production facilities. Kran Mobil by Zunhammer can be used for any lifting work within a factory, as its telescopic boom can gain access even to difficult-to-reach areas. This mobile crane can be easily transported from a low-loader. The steel cable winch or hook operation improve comfort and help save time. Kran Mobil by Zunhammer is emission-free, and is unique for its short installation time, allowing for fast, easy and scaffolding-free assembly and disassembly.

Kran Mobil PK34

Flexible mobile crane with high-lifting capacity

Innovation in Technology

Telescopic boom: up to 14.4 or 16.7 m extension length

Strong: maximum lift capacity of 6,700 kg

Compact: width 1.9 m, length 4.6 m

Agile: mobile crane with four-wheel steering


    An unbeatable combination

    Small turning radius and strong loader crane with telescopic boom

    komfortables Steuerpult
    Monitoring of outriggers and steering, battery and hours of operation
    Steering angle of plus-minus 90 degrees
    flexible positioning and support

    High lifting capacity

    The cable winches (steel cable) or the crane hooks allow for lifting and moving up to 6.7 ton loads, even in difficult-to-reach areas.

    4-wheel steering

    Kran Mobil is built to travel in any direction, and can also turn on the spot.

    Quickly ready to use

    With its compact 4.5 x 1.9 m size, Kran Mobil by Zunhammer can operate even in the narrowest spaces.

    Mobility and Flexibility

    This mobile auto crane can be used at any time, even in the most limited spaces.

    Uncomplicated and easy to transport

    Kran Mobil by Zunhammer Kran Mobil fits into a low-loader and propels itself across any production facility.

    with a 80 Volt motive battery

    This innovative technology with electric drive is both economical and emission free.